The Company

CNPL was established in the year 2009 to cater the fast-growing promotional requirements of corporations & institutions. Loyalty is the Driving Force behind every successful business. To surpass the soaring challenges, we decided to dive in the ocean of opportunities with fidelity, to accomplish the attempt of achieving a new horizon of "Service Excellence". In order to meet Corporate Promotional criteria, CNPL created a niche for itself and its value added products. The team encourages innovation for which we don’t mind to walk the extra mile. To add more value & competitive edge to the solutions we offer 360 degree hold over customer’s mind space via "Customer Engagement Campaigns" such as: Customer Loyalty Schemes, Customer Retention Programs, Cross Marketing, Guaranteed Scratch & Win, Lucky Draws, Holiday Packages, Activations & Promotions, Contests etc. You may lose the market strength without an active promotional campaign perhaps, an interactive sales promotion could be just the "Ticket For Your Business". Today, business policies have undergone a superb transformation since there is an adamant battle & competition, regardless of the type and field of business. Large-scale corporate gifts are of huge importance in the modern business multitude. Corporate events, Conferences, Outdoor Events, Group Bookings, Flight Arrangements & Accommodations, as well as Business Gifts, are some of the best of its kind of Brand Promotional derivatives in today's competitive economy.