Customer Loyalty

Actual Benefits of Customer Loyalty Program:

  • Build strong communication with customer
  • Boost the customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
  • Improve the Customer Marketing (BCM)
  • Better response on the competitive challenges
  • Reduce Implementation & Promotional costs
  • Ability to effectively choose new trading lines
  • Rediscovering the inactive consumers

“Customer loyalty is the key for business profitability”

Customer loyalty in a way helps the consumers to shop as per their convenience, awareness and satisfaction quotient. Henceforth, Customer Loyalty builds-in a positive shopping experience allowing them to put in greater share of the wallet. In addition to it, consumers stay engaged with familiar brands even in the sea of competitors as it’s all about forming an emotional connect. A well executed Customer Loyalty Program can increase the power of your brand by 95%. We exhibit analytical operational expertise in initiating value-added relationship building programs that would nurture your customers’ interests and allure them for long haul.

Customer Retention Programs

Customer retention occurs by the support of the regular buyers who are associated with full satisfaction towards a specific brand or company. An increase in 5% customer retention may lead to 25-95% profit in the business. Additional stats reveal that retained/engaged customers deliver 1.7 times more revenues as compared to the average buyers. Total revenue generation exceeds up to 3.4 times when a business is driven by engaged & repeated customers. Such staggering facts are sufficient enough to help you judge the importance of the customer retain programs. Remember, 96% of the dissatisfied customers do not complain and they simply walk away and never come back. Our idea behind introducing customer retention programs is to encourage the regular consumers continue to repeatedly buy from the same service provider.

Customer retention model

The motive behind customer retention may be one however the determinants of the retention model are many:

  • Level of Customer Satisfaction
  • Aligned Loyalty Mechanisms
  • Suitability & Product uniqueness
  • Ease to purchase & service value

Benefits of Customer retention Programs

  • Growth in the revenues and referrals
  • Customer acquisition cost reduction
  • Customers remain more informed
  • Customers start trusting your brand

Customer Retention Strategies

  • Build strong and trust worthy relationships
  • Be courteous, flexible and considerate
  • Tell them the realties with confidence
  • Provide them in-depth information
  • Monitor the services being delivered
  • Make good connection with the customers