Ongoing Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Program acts as the key element that lifts a "Brand", "Increases the Net Profit", "Attracts More Trade" & "Retain The Valuable Customers" at the same time it "Encourages Potential Customer Conversions" & "Count Of Repeat Purchases" all of which is done to favour brand advocacy.

Our Initiative

We at CNPL, help the businesses to connect them to two major assets which include "Brand Recognition"" and "Customer engagements" via Loyalty Programs. Doing so allows them to trigger a "Consumer-Driven Business Improvement Strategy" that helps them to pay deeper insights to customer integrity.

Benefits Of Loyalty Initiatives

  • Better Hold On Repeat Customers
  • Recognize The Potential Customers
  • Ability To Focus On Marketing Budget
  • Win-Back Lost Customers
  • Increase Bottom-line Profits
  • Ability To Create Brand Advocates
  • Reduce The Promotional Costs
  • Ability To Choose New Trading Lines