Scratch & Win Assured Gift Promotion

Scratch Cards Are Engaging

Out of the human behavioural instinct i.e. curiosity, is the most appealing virtue that adds thrill to life. We take the opportunity to engage attention of the masses that comes out of curiosity and excitement, Grab maximum customers’ attention surprise them with an assured gift via scratch and win offers.

Scratch Cards Are Interactive

Crowd interacts 3 times more with scratch cards rather than a gift coupon, which means scratch cards are the best mode of active communication that spreads word of mouth brand marketing. No need to rely on the passive marketing strategies when we are all set to make your customers interact.

Objectives Of Scratch Cards

  • Increase In Store Traffic Rates
  • Product & Brand Awareness
  • Frequency Of Repeat Customers Increases
  • Main Tool Of Sales Promotion
  • In-Store Promotions Trigger Sales