Privacy Policy

Our Objective

Countrywide Nation Private Limited is a company registered under the companies act 2009 with its Head office at 905, Chiranjiv Tower, 43, Nehru Place, New Delhi – 110019. The company owns click2redeem app which is a voucher redemption platform for end customers and the distributors. The company is the publisher, author and owner of this app. We own the operations and services’ rights of the app. click2redeem is powered by internet protocol services provided by the company.

Following defines the legal agreement of app use between you and Countrywide Nation Private Limited:

If you use the app, download, access or browse any content of the website, you acknowledge that you agree to adhere to the terms and conditions ruled out by the app. You also understand by clicking that you have read and understood all the legal guidelines.

Before continuing to access the app, you are advised to read the Terms of Use thoroughly and Privacy Policy. It is the major part of agreement of using the app between you and the company. These guidelines will signify your visit to the app and use of its services.

If you do not agree to abide by the terms of use of click2redeem, then, you are advised to stop accessing the website immediately. You can feel free to contact us at (email id), in case, you have any queries related to the app.

General Terms

  • We reserve the right to amend the terms of use or any other information of the app without prior notice. The changes in the terms of use will mean your agreement while accessing the app.
  • We may restrict, suspend, modify or discontinue the use of the app, partially or entirely without any notice.

Personal Identification Information

  • You are required to share your personal information as a part of registration process before using the services of click2redeem. The information provided by you should be accurate, updated and correct.
  • Your personal data cannot be accessed by the third party apps without your consent.
  • You agree that activities that place from your account shall solely be your responsibility. If you notice suspicious activity from your account, you agree to notify us immediately at:

Non-personal identification information

During the interaction with the app for any sort of communication, we may collect non personal identification information. This may include your geo-location, device details and technical users. The means of connection used by you shall also be recorded by click2redeem.

Location data

We access the precise location details of your device when the app is being accessed. We are able to offer listings of the providers offering this app through your location. Our service provider listings are offered by Google API


The app may use the cookies of your device for improving your experience. These cookies are recording by your browser to track information about them. If you refuse these cookies, you may not be able to access all the features of click2redeem. For a better user experience, you may agree to accept the cookies while using the service of this app.

How we use collected information

We collect personal information of the users:

  • To improve the user experience and customer service
  • To collect feedback of service provider
  • To seek feedback to improve the app
  • To communicate with the users through email or SMS

Right of access

We reserve the right to prohibit users from accessing the app and its contents without any prior notice.

Governing Law

The operations, policies and terms of use are defined in compliance with the rules amended by the Government of India. By using and accessing click2redeem, you shall agree to abide by these laws. You may have to face the jurisdiction of courts in New Delhi, if you fail to comply to the guidelines of the app.

Contacting Us

In case, you have any further queries about the practices of app or its operation system, then, contact us at: 204, Chiranjiv Tower, 43, Nehru Place, New Delhi-110019 (India)